Colle di Bordocheo is rooted in my family’s passion for this territory. The company was founded in the early ‘60s as a simple farm with a few hectare of land where animals roamed among the olive groves and vineyards. Beginning in the 1980’s, there was a progressive acquisition of rural buildings, including abandoned properties, small adjacent plots of land, vineyards, olive groves and even woods, bringing the estate up to its current size of approximately 20 hectares. During this time, the farm began to operate as an agricultural company, with a qualitative increase in the production of wine and oil. Initially, the farm produced table wines, both white and red. Along with an increase and development of the vineyards, the wine production also increased and we were able to begin focusing on quality wines, both “doc colline lucchesi”, as well as “Igt Toscana” selections.

The holiday farm was established at the beginning of the 1990’s with the renovation of an old farmhouse on the estate, which has been converted into four apartments. This was the time when the third generation of my family took over the management of the company, renewing it and taking strides forward with great energy and enthusiasm.

We worked on the existing vines, focusing on studying the varieties present and introducing new plants, we modernised and improved our wine making facilities, we built a barrel cellar, new workspaces and a tasting room to accommodate wine lovers, who are increasingly getting to know and appreciate our production.