Olio Extravergine di Oliva Biologico

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Our extra-virgin olive oil is a blend of local varietals – frantoio, leccino, and moraiolo olives. We take particular care with our olive groves, showing the utmost respect for the environment. The olives are hand-harvested and pressed within 12-24 hours of the harvest. This allows us to obtain an oil with a very balanced, aromatic palate. We produce approximately 2500 kilograms a year.

Characteristics: Our olive oil is lightly fruity with a golden yellow color and a slightly greenish hue. It has a note of artichoke beneath which you will also note sweet almond. It is slightly bitter, not very spicy, with hints of green that come out during tasting.

Pairs Well With: Our oil is best appreciated as-is, drizzled directly on a piece of bread, or on raw vegetables. Its lightness makes it suitable for delicate dishes such as fish.



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