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This unique wine is produced with Trebbiano and Moscato Bianco grapes. The grapes, which are hand-picked into small baskets, are harvested only when they are overripe, beginning at the end of September and lasting into November. The grape bunches are pressed whole, and the juice that is obtained from the pressing is fermented in barrels sur lies for approximately 10 months. The fermentation process is interrupted when the right balance between the alcohols and residual sugars is found. The wine is then bottled and refined for an additional three months.

12,5% by Vol. Contains sulfites.

Characteristics: This wine has a lovely golden color with amber reflections. It has a delicate, fruity bouquet with notes of white flowers and toasted almonds. It has a soft, full mouthfeel that is well supported by good acidity. It is a very complex wine which, although it possesses an aromatic spiciness, maintains a notable lightness. It has a very persistent palate.

Pairs Well With: Born as a wine for meditation, it is ideal with biscotti and light desserts. It is also excellent with herbaceous and well-aged cheeses.